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Our programs and services are steps to out greater vision: "To promote healthy lives.""The Gardens" conduct outreach activities, intensive case management services, offer counseling services, support individuals seeking assistance with substance abuse, provide referrals for supportive services and resources.

The focus of "The Gardens" is creating an accessible environment for youth, men, women and families in our communities to receive education and resources which protect their health and well-being in what may be otherwise overlooked. The seed of growth and development started with a grant from the California Endowment, after completion of this funding "The Gardens" began moving forward, toward expanding our capabilities to reach as many people as possible by all avenues available to us.

“The Gardens” began in 1999 as a grassroots, faith-base community effort to address the issue of gang violence and the spread of HIV/AIDS epidemic facing vulnerable and marginalized African American and Latino youth in the South Sacramento neighborhood. In 2001, “The Gardens” incorporated as an independent 501(C) (3). “The Gardens” initiated community efforts with the implementation of Brothers and Sisters Stopping AIDS (BASSA) through a series of HIV/AIDS education and prevention workshops, conducted in local black churches, barber and hair salon shops.

With a grant from Bristol Myers Squibb, "The Gardens" went out into the community and implemented the first HIV/AIDS testing site in the South Sacramento area. "The Gardens" based these early efforts on a model of coalition development, community mobilization, and community empowerment activities targeting underserved, ethnic minority communities and continues to expand its focus on serving the underserved population.

Our programs and services are steps to our greater vision:

"To promote

healthy lives."

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